Be a macgyver: coolest fire making tricks

Below I assembled a list of the absolute coolest ways to make fire, when you have just a couple of weird items! If you’re alone in the desert, playing ‘survivor’ with your friends or just wanna impress some girls – this is perfect for you. Also, there’s some very interesting scientific stuff in there, which I’ll expand about later in greater detail. Well, without further ado, here it is – the coolest ways to make fire:

1How to unlock iphone 3g: potatoes are great. They’re very tasty, and apparently quite helpful when it comes to making fire. All you need is a potato cut in half, some wires and a lot of ambition.


2. Using coke & chocolate: if you don’t have a potato, you can always try a can of coke and some chocolate bars. I know that sounds like a great recipe for a party, but it can also be used to make fire in a really neat way.


3. Without matches or a lighter: Now here’s the real treat. You don’t have matches, or a lighter (or coke, chocolate and potatoes. This means you’re in real trouble and this might actually be useful to you). What you can do is use a simple battery and some fine steel wool. Next thing you know you’re caveman with some amazing fire surrounding you.


4. Using friction (the Masai way): Friction, the ancient method our ancestors used, is still not forgotten. It’s effective, cheap, *always* available and very straight-forward.


5. Using a condom: Mmm. This is the sexy way. If your girlfriend dumped you, or you’re a lonely wolf reading blogs at night, this one’s for you. Finally something to do with the old dusty condoms of yours. Be careful though, it keeps your most important organs safe.


That’s it, now go burn up your house!

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~ by jefferickson on March 3, 2008.

21 Responses to “Be a macgyver: coolest fire making tricks”

  1. This is amazing!! The potato one is definitely the coolest!

  2. needs more science.

  3. Yeah…

    Now tell me how to light a fire, outside, with nothing, in the pissing rain.

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  5. Wibble: Just get some potassim 😉

  6. What is it that they say about information being in the wrong hands, It’s dangerous? Anyone have Mr. Wizards number and the number to the fire department? I have a feeling one of these will come in handy.

  7. or just buy a $2 magnesium strip with one of those metal tabs attached and carry that with you. Scrape the metal against it… instant rain of sparks. Then light some hand sanitizer and poof – fire!
    Good list though and the potato one is pretty slick.

  8. As for fire by friction, the method I prefer is the bow-string method, because it is easier to get much more leverage on the spindle to increase the friction.

    To those that aren’t familiar with it, you need a floorboard like the shown in the Masai way. The spindle should be roughly an inch to inch and a half in diameter, eight-sided, and about as long as the distance from your ankle to the bottom of your knee. It is preferable that the floorboard and spindle are the same type of wood (even better from the same log). Any type of wood will work, but it is easier to work with a softer wood (I use Red Elm). The bow should be a nice curved branch, that is sturdy but has a little bend in it. you want it to be think but not thick enough that will weigh you down, the key for the bow is a constant steady stroke. A half log that you can easily and comfortable palm will be used to top the spindle (called the head). It should be made of a harder (slower burning) wood than the spindle and floorboard (ironwood is one of the best).

    To hold place the head in your strongest arm and put it underneath your knee on the same side. You body weight will provide the leverage needed for friction. Start a divet in bot the head and the floor board so your spindle wont slip easily. On the floorboard you need to cut an eigth-inch notch into your divet; this provides the chamber for flakes of charred bust to collect compact and form a spark. Your other hand will pump the bow which turns the spindle. As you go gradually put on pressure from your body, but maintain a steady stroke. Don’t stop at the first sign of smoke, but wait until it billows. You should have a spark now.

  9. That thing with the coke can doesn’t really work. I tried it by hand with a friend of mine, then I tried using a motor to buff it, and it still didn’t work. Even the mythbusters tried it. You’d have to buff for days for it to work.

  10. “or just buy a $2 magnesium strip with one of those metal tabs attached”

    I’ve never seen anything like that sold before.

  11. Smack — here is just one example of a magnesium fire starter:


  12. this is awesome! It’s been added to

  13. #1 is a hoax, obviously. #2 is plausible but won’t work, you’d need to make the bottom parabolic and really shiny.

  14. Bah, that’s nothing compared to a fire-piston. (and those actually work)

  15. what about something with lightening?

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  17. a cool way you didn’t even mention is just a nine volt battery and some steel great!

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  19. but Jerry, he DID!
    it’s right there, the third one.

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